Want to hire a word nerd? Let's see what you've got in mind.

Brand voice development Lindsay Burgess

Brand voice development

Okay, let's be honest: "brand voice" sounds like it was made up by someone with a cringey job title like Marketing Wizard. Let's put that aside for a second. How do you want to speak to your audience? Maybe you don't take things too seriously and you've got a cheeky sense of humour. Or maybe you're a little bit luxe, but cliches make you gag. Together, we can figure out the right tone for your business.

Restaurant copywriting food copywriter Lindsay Burgess


You name it, I write it.

  • SEO-friendly website copy
  • Bios
  • Menus
  • Customer loyalty program assets
  • Training manuals 
  • Awards nominations
Lindsay Burgess newsletter writer

Newsletter management

Want to reach your customers instead of their spam folders? Let's chat. 

Lindsay Burgess social media manager

Social media management

Put your brand voice into action and interact with your customers on social media. Because really, who has time for hashtags? Oh yeah – that's me. 

Lindsay Burgess blog content strategy travel

blog management

Allow me to nerd out for just a sec. We'll start with your content strategy, including SEO terms. Then, we'll work on a content calendar to suit your needs – and your budget. Guest contributors? Sure, let's get 'em in. Visuals? Heck yeah! Finally, we'll get everything ready for social media. Boom.